Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fleeing in Missouri, 4/18/2015

So I was on my way out of the Mark Twain State Park when I passed a car parked on the other side of the road. As I passed the car, I saw it was a cop. Then, in my rear view mirror, I saw him start his car and make a U-turn to follow me. I thought, "Crap, what did I do?" I looked at my speedometer and I wasn't speeding. I went over the next hill, saw him fade out of view below the horizon, and then I made one of those stuntman hauling-ass right turns onto a side road and GUNNED IT. I saw him in my rear view mirror going straight on the highway. I parked for a while, then ended up going down a bunch of side roads in the middle of nowhere for about an hour. I was completely lost, and could not get a cell signal for GPS. So I just aimlessly drove around for about an hour, and finally figured out where I was.

Domtar? 4/18/2015

What's a Domtar?  Looks gnarly.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Some items for car camping travel

I recently bought some items for my next car camping adventure.  I'll include images and links that have reviews of the items.

I hope to strap this five-gallon shower to the luggage rack on top of my car so it can heat up during the day, then use it for showering when I stop in a secluded location.

Here is where to buy this Summer Shower.

I also bought a large vertical tent-like apparition to take showers in (it's sorta shaped like a port-a-potty, only tapered at the top and not quite as big).  But I might not bring that with me on my next trip.  I'm thinking the hassle factor of setting it up to take a shower might not make it worth it, though it would shelter me from the elements.  I can probably just take showers wearing shorts if I'm in a public place.

Here is a rice cooker/crock pot that operates off of the car's cigarette lighter outlet:

Here's where to buy this Car Crock Pot.

Speaking of the cigarette outlet, here is a device that converts from a cigarette lighter's output to USB:

Here's where to buy this Car USB Port.

I'll report on how well these devices work as I use them.