Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Teslin, Yukon, 4/30/2014

Coming into Teslin, Yukon, and the Lewes Dam area.

Swan Lake, BC, 4/30/2014

I took a little side road off the main highway to check out this little secluded lake, which is supposed to be a bird sanctuary.  But you have to have good binoculars, because the birding site is quite a ways away from the shore.

Signpost Forest, Watson Lake, BC, 4/30/2014

Watson Lake, Yukon, 4/30/2014

Watson Lake, Yukon.

Crossing the border into Yukon, 4/30/2014

Whirlpool Canyon, BC, 4/30/2014

Whirlpool Canyon, Laird River.

More Northern British Columbia, 4/30/2014

Heading up into the frozen north.

Wild Bison, Northern British Columbia, 4/30/2014

I ran across a herd of wild bison in Northern British Columbia.

Liard River Hotsprings, BC, 4/30/2014

Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park.