Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Heading out of Hudson's Hope, 4/29/2014

Yesterday I headed a bit east again in heading to Hudson's Hope, BC...I crossed over the Rockies again and went back from Pacific into Mountain time. I'll probably be on the road again in about an hour, and should be on the actual Alaska Highway about an hour after that. Still probably two or three days (at least!) to Alaska.

It looks like my route through the Yukon is fairly straightforward, but once (if?) I get to Alaska, where to go? Haines? Valdez? Anchorage? Fairbanks? Dalton Highway (can I make it on that stretch of untamed road?)

In Hudson's Hope today, I met a woman in the hotel who I thought was a guest, but it turned out she was the owner of the hotel. She told me she started a company that brought cable TV to Northern BC for the first time, and then her company got bought out by a bigger company and she worked from northern Canada to North Dakota. She also owned the town's movie theater for a while.

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