Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fooding In The Flat

I've been doing a lot of cooking with the limited kitchen utensils that come with my apartment. For cooking, I have a rice cooker, a one-burner electric cooker that comes with a saucepan and boiling pan, and a kettle. That's pretty much it. Today I made a concoction in the rice cooker that is sort of like enchiladas without the wrappings mixed with Spanish rice, and it's delicious. I started with rice, split peas and lentils, added a bunch of sesame seeds, and brought to a boil with a whole bunch of tomatoes and chilis and garlic. I also included some mushroom broth from all the dehydrated mushrooms in the last week that I had soaked to reconstitute. I added some canned vegan “pork” that I found in the Lotte Mart's vegan section that is kind of the consistency of Spam, and some reconstitutable TVP chunks. Then I added a layer of chopped vegetables, including mushrooms, onions, eggplant, broccoli, and water dropwort, and let it simmer until the veggies had softened. Then I added some canned garbanzos and some cubed tough tofu, and smothered the top with pasta sauce, and let it finish cooking. It was so good I've been eating it all day, and I just finished the last of it.

I've been making decoctions of ginger with a little lime, to make ginger lime tea, and decoctions of turmeric root and black pepper for a turmeric pepper tea, also with a bit of lime. I've been making a bunch of stir fries as well. I made a lotus seed and veggie stir-bake in the rice cooker a few days ago. I've been making most of my own food while I have this apartment, which is a change from the eating on the street and eating raw fruits and nuts and one or two component ingredients I was doing while I was on the move.

To wash dishes, I have a tiny sink in the bathroom. It is the only sink in the apartment, and it only has three tiny jets of water that come out of it with very high pressure, but are a very small flow of water. If I need more flow, I can use the showerhead that is on a hose, and is removable from a clamp that holds it in place at shower level. The shower is not in its own enclosure, but the whole bathroom is the shower stall. The sink has a little swiveled disk that can be used as a sink plug; it is rubberized on the side and fixed to the drain on a pivot that attaches on either side of it.

The rambutans I bought the other day are getting juicier and sweeter as they ripen more.  They also don't stick to the seed as much when they ripen more.  I have a couple of different kinds of bananas; when I bought them, they were green, but they are ripening and will probably peak in the next couple days.

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