Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Backing Up Into An Abyss

I've been trying, in what might be a futile effort, to back up all of my photos on the SD chip from my phone. I have actually been trying for months, but I have given up several times due to technical problems. But it is coming to a head now. The chip is 128 GB, but is approaching capacity. And my phone, which has 16 GB of internal memory, keeps refusing to load any more emails periodically because it says internal memory is full. So I will have to dump stuff every once in a while, and I have dumped so many apps and files that now I am down to bare-bones. As I said, I've tried several times to back up the SD card. Supposedly, Dropbox is supposed to do this automatically, but it doesn't read the files on my card or something, because it does not see the directory at all that the pictures are in on the card. I've tried to manually back up from my phone, and that is no good either. So I've tried on several occasions to take the SD card out, put it in an adapter and slip it into my laptop's SD slot, but that is massively slow. When I was staying in hostels, I didn't ever have enough time. Now I think maybe it is doing it, but it tells me there are 79 days left. I tried to back my card up when I was in Korea, where they have super fast Internet, and it still told me it would take a week, but I didn't have a safe place to leave my computer connected in the hostel for a week. At least I can keep it connected in the apartment, but there are long stretches of time when the connection is not happening.  I've been uploading for four days and it has barely moved the needle. What is on Dropbox now is just a smattering of the files, and they are uploading...and uploading...and uploading. The files might not even be complete and useable.  It may not happen, yet again. Fun with technology.

I went to the Vietnamese Women's Museum today. My friend Paul said it was a good place to check out, so I want and visited it today. I watched a fascinating film that talked about how many of the street vendors in Hanoi come from little villages around Vietnam to sell their wares on the streets, then return to their villages with tiny amounts of money. One woman said she returns every 10 to 12 days with about twenty dollars. One woman says she gets up at 2 am to scour the markets and sell every day until about 7 pm. One woman said she stays is a dormitory packed with other women who sell stuff on the streets, and pays 35 cents a day to stay there. There were also a lot of stories about women who did stuff during the wars with France and the US. It was an interesting experience.

But, I didn't have my SD card in my phone, because it is sitting almost idle in my computer, getting the files to ooze slowly into on online backup, if it ever happens. Luckily, internal memory was enough to take some pics in the museum.

The weather was just delightful walking around Hanoi today. It was nice and cool, probably high 60s, with a strong breeze. It was great walking around weather. I came back to my apartment and left all the windows open so I could feel the wind in the apartment. I get great cross-breezes when it is windy.

Well, the presidential election in the US is today.  Finally, all the noisy bullshit will stop, and all the people who claim the world will collapse on Nov. 9th will finally shut the fuck up. Hopefully.

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