Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Have An Offer You Can't Refuse, Or Insurance Blues

Last night I heard it suddenly get really windy around one in the morning.  Now, this morning, it is much colder outside than it has been for the past few days, so a cold front must have blown in.  Not super-cold, but high fifties/low sixties F, which is mid to high teens C.  It has been fairly warm for the last week, so the cooler temps are welcome.  But it means I have to dress a little warmer, especially on my motorbike.

I just renewed my travel health insurance.  Or, rather, I changed my policy to a different company.  I had been with Tokio Marine for that last six months.  Originally, I got a comprehensive policy with American Express for a year which looked really good, but I didn't realize that it said in the fine print that the medical insurance was only good for 60 days.  Don't get American Express travel insurance if you are counting on the medical for a while...they won't tell you that it will only last for a couple of months, and you'll be covered on other stuff, but not medical.  And it is also supremely would have been worth it, maybe, if the medical insurance lasted, because they have really comprehensive coverage of other stuff.  But it sucked that suddenly I had to buy another policy when I thought theirs would last for the next year after I bought it.

So I had to scramble to get new medical insurance, and I found Tokio the time.  But I decided to shop around, and a lot of travel blog posts recommended World Nomads.  I looked on their site, and their insurance was a little more than half the price I had been paying with Tokio Marine, so I jumped on it.  It looks like this is one of the better deals online, so I would probably recommend them for travel medical insurance if you are ever looking for it.

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