Thursday, December 22, 2016

Packing and Cleaning, Part 2

Cleaning out my fridge today, I had one last bottle of juice in the door of the fridge that I had bought quite a while ago, but hadn't drunk. I saw “green jujube” on the label. So I opened it up and drank it. Man, has this gone bad? I was thinking. Maybe it is supposed to taste like this?! But it was tolerable, and drinkable, so I drank it. I was thinking maybe it had gone slightly sour or something. Then, as I took the last sip, I was looking at the fine print, and it said, “green jujube vinegar, 3%”. So I drank a whole bottle of 3% vinegar. I brushed my teeth with baking soda right after that, so it wouldn't eat the enamel of my teeth.

I think I have found somebody to take my apartment. I was talking online with someone I met a while ago in my travels, in the Philippines, who had just gotten to Ho Chi Minh City. I mentioned that my apartment was for rent, and she and her boyfriend were very interested when they come to Hanoi. So I told my landlord that they were interested, and gave them my landlord's phone number. They won't get here until a week or two after I leave, so I thought briefly about trying to hold over for a bit here, but I decided to go ahead and leave in a couple of days and keep my reservation in Ninh Binh, even though I can cancel up until the last day. I'm wanting to get on the move again, and it was nice sitting in Hanoi for a while, but there are other places to see, so I want to see them.

I almost have everything packed up now. Tomorrow will be my final day of packing and cleaning, and then the next day I'm off to seek my next adventure.

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