Thursday, December 22, 2016

Strange Food Delivery

I ordered food to be delivered today, since I am in the middle of packing, and I have cleaned up my whole cooking area and didn't want it to get dirty again.  I ordered from an Indian Restaurant called Foodshop 45 through Vietnammm food delivery.  I had ordered from them the other night with no problems.  But today, I got an email from Vietnammm saying they needed a phone number to confirm.  I know I have a Vietnamese phone number, but I've never used it.  I tried to see if I could confirm by return email, but they told me my order was denied.  So I unpacked my entire large backpack to try to find the little scrap of paper that I had scrawled my phone number on.  After going through a bunch of stuff, I finally found it, and emailed the food delivery service back.  A half an hour had passed, I thought it was going to take quite some time.  But I immediately got a phone call telling me my food had arrived and was downstairs waiting for me.  That was odd.  But I'm glad it worked out.  And the food is delicious. Now I have samosas, yum! (and other stuff)

I turned in my big water-cooler-style bottle today, and got my deposit back on it.  I bought a two-liter bottle which should get me through today at least and maybe some of my journey.  I've been scrimping on water for the last few days, hoping the little bit I had would last me.  But I finally completely ran out today and barely had enough for my last cup of coffee.  I guess I really shouldn't have been taking it easy on the water; I should have bought a new jug a few days ago, because I have probably gotten a bit dehydrated.  So today I drink water freely, and without abandon.

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