Thursday, March 31, 2016

Around The Lighthouse in Byron Bay

Walking away from the center of town to meet up with one of the trails to the Byron Bay Lighthouse. It's about a 40 minute walk from the center of town.

A view of the beach from the path to the lighthouse.

Approaching the lighthouse.

A view of the beach on the opposite side.  The lighthouse is right above the most easternmost point in Australia, which juts out a ways, so there are beaches all around.

I walked into the lighthouse just as the next tour to the top was starting. This winch was cranked to raise a huge weight that slowly went down to power the lighthouse in the days before electricity.

The red warning light for the rocks.

A view from the staircase to the turret.

The works that drive the turning light.

It was too tight in the turret to get a picture of the rotating glass, but here is the bottom of it. Four tons of glass floating in mercury to reduce friction.

The guide let us out on the outdoor porch surrounding the turret. It was designed not only to go outside, but to catch fresh water when it rains. This is the view from outside the turret.

The narrow, steep stairs to the top.

They have a sex robot for those lonely nights in the lighthouse.

Sitting in the cafe at the Byron Bay lighthouse enjoying a falafel foccacia and coconut water. And also enjoying the view.

There was a magpie and an Australian water dragon on the steps.  I didn't even see the water dragon until I had posted this picture on Facebook and one of my friends pointed it out to me.

Here is a closeup of the water dragon.

I went for a hike in the nature preserve near the lighthouse.

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