Friday, March 25, 2016

From 3 in the Morning in the hostel in Brisbane

Yesterday I was having a bit of a rough time, probably mostly due to weariness from jetlag. I had some price shock when i went out...Brisbane (and probably Australia in general) is pretty expensive. Also, the travel charger I brought doesn't work, so I'm running down on juice. At least I brought a power brick which is doing the job for now. I'm conserving my power for now and turning off my phone when I'm not using it.  But now I just woke up, maybe I'll go back to sleep, maybe not.

I thought this place would be party central to the point where it would be hard to sleep. There is hardly anyone here who looks over 30; I bet I'm the oldest person here. But it is remarkably quiet and peaceful in the room. Downstairs, there is some major partying going on.  I went down briefly to talk to the desk about getting around Brisbane and travel stuff throughout Australia; I figured since the desk is up 24 hours, the middle of the night is a good time to catch them not too busy.

I'm in a room on the fifth floor that has two levels; there is a staircase in the room the goes up the the next level and there are six bunks on each level in the room and the bathroom is upstairs. There is a communal kitchen but it has been so busy that I haven't cooked there; I've just eaten raw stuff from the grocery store.

There is a communal guitar downstairs so I was messing around on it yesterday for a bit while I waited for check-in time. It's a good thing it's a classical guitar with vinyl strings, it is easier on my non-guitar-calloused fingers. And it makes me wonder why I haven't played more guitar...I haven't played one in quite a while (thobugh I did play my mandolin before I packed it).

Let's see what the morning brings. Looking forward to exploring some more later.

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