Thursday, March 24, 2016

From Austin to Australia

Got on the plane last night for a really looooong flight to Australia. All in all, with the flight from Austin to LA, and then the flight from LA to Brisbane, it was a journey of a little over 8000 miles. Something like 17 hours in the air altogether.

I was surprised at the amenities Virgin Australia offers in economy class. They had dinner and breakfast on the flight, and what appeared to be unlimited free booze for the first couple hours of the flight (my guess is that they would cut someone off if they got too gnarly).

The plane had three rows of three seats, and two aisles. I was situated in the middle row of three seats just behind the wings of the plane. Normally, this would be crappy seating for a view, but the whole flight was at night and over the ocean anyway, except for the last few minutes of approach.  But what was spectacular was that nobody else was sitting on my row, so I could fold up the armrests and make the whole row a big bed, so I probably had one of the most comfortable sleep situations of anybody on the plane.

The plane left a little after 11 PM from LA and arrived in Brisbane a little before 6 AM Brisbane time (I don't even know what this time zone is called yet). I got out of Customs by 7 and took the train to the hostel I have booked, where I can't check in until 1 pm. But I'm surprisingly un-jetlagged (so far), so I'll wander around the city for a while and check it out. I bet I'll hit the wall of jetlag at some point later today.

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  1. Man, you lucked out. I've flown across both the Atlantic and Pacific wedged in between bawling children and large people.