Saturday, March 26, 2016

Yesterday's Stroll Through Brisbane

Yesterday morning, I strolled through Downtown Brisbane, and then wandered down to the boardwalk along the river. I took a long walk for about three hours, mostly along the Brisbane River, heading out from near the Story Bridge to the Goodwill Bridge and back around the other side.

I took a detour through the botanical gardens by the river, and marveled at the unfamiliar (to me, at least) Australian plants and animals. When I crossed the Goodwill Bridge, I checked out the South Bank area for a while, then turned back to pass by the cliffs, which had the occasional rock climber clambering up the face. I passed by Kangaroo Point, and headed back to the hostel over the Story Bridge.

It was about noon, high eighties (F) and really humid, so I was pouring with sweat. I had worn long pants, and was wishing that I had worn shorts instead. Also, I've misplaced or lost my little riding cap, so no head shade.

I took a shower, washed all my clothes except pants in the sink, and hung them to dry on my bunk. Then I went to the travel desk in the lobby, where Tommy the travel guy wrangled all sorts of stuff to put together the whole rest of my itinerary in Australia for me, for an incredibly reasonable price. He called all kinds of places that were listed as full on the Internet, and came up with vacancies out of seemingly nothing, and planned out every leg of transportation.

After briefly resting, I went out for another stroll in the afternoon, this time going in the opposite direction. On my way back, I stopped at the grocery store to replenish my grub. The day before, I had gone to the Chinese grocery store in Chinatown, but this was a Woolworth's, which was a full-service grocery (the other one had no produce and a lot of specialty items).

Then I headed back to the hostel and crashed early.

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