Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back in Dawson City, 5/22/2104

I settled back in Dawson City again after coming off the Dempster Highway.  I found a motel/RV park right on the other side of the bridge from Dawson City to stay, which I picked because they said they had wi-fi on their sign.  I asked for a space with no connections to park my car, since I didn't need water or electricity.  But apparently no connections also meant no wi-fi, and the office closed a few minutes after I settled in and realized this.

Apparently some folks who had car trouble found the manager in her apartment, and I saw them all heading into the office.  I went in there and offered to pay the difference between my cheap site and the better sites so I could get wifi, but the manager would not do it, and was stubborn enough not to budge on this, though she did give a wifi password to the folks with car trouble.  It was mildly annoying that they wouldn't even let me buy wifi access, but I shrugged it off.

After sleeping at the RV park, I poked around Dawson City some more, and drove to the top of the Dome Road outside the city, which went to a large hill overlooking the city with a lot of gold mining operations on it.  Gold mining is really big in Dawson City and runs most of their economy.  It's common to see antiquated pieces of abandoned rusty mining equipment from the 19th century littering that landscape.

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