Monday, May 26, 2014

I can see for miles and miles, 5/26/2014

There are a series of towns on the Cariboo Highway named after mileage numbers. First I passed through a town called 150 Mile House, then 140 Mile House, then 130...right now I'm parked at 108 Mile Ranch. I have yet to pass through 100 Mile House, 70 Mile House, and who knows what other towns similarly named. I'm kinda curious what we're counting down to.

There doesn't seem to be anything special on the map in the general vicinity of whatever these numbers are leading to. Also they must be historical artifacts from before Canada went on the metric system.

Maybe it's the shimmering celestial vortex where the Illuminati meet with the space aliens. You know, the place Abraham Lincoln came to live after Lee Harvey Oswald went back in time and assassinated his double. Where Adolf Hitler lives peacefully as an 140-year old organic cranberry farmer named Pedro Cruikshank.

This journey has been outstanding. But sometimes me gets a bit lonesome travelling by myself on top of the world. It's no big deal..we're really each of us all alone ultimately.

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