Monday, May 26, 2014

Prince George, BC, 5/26/2014

I started getting tired last night, so I decided to try to find a good secret spot to stay the night. I drove for a while, and couldn't find the perfect little nook, so I settled for a rest stop with a sign allowing an eight hour stay. Good enough. Around midnight it started steadily rising, and hasn't let up since. I woke up this morning and headed out on the Yellowhead Highway towards Prince George, and was hydroplaning a lot because of the water on the road, so I slowed down significantly and tried to avoid the tire ruts in the road that collected water.

A little after 8 in the morning, I pulled into Prince George, BC.  Prince George is very close to the geographic center of British Columbia.  I had passed through this town on the way up, but on a different road.  The first thing that jumped out at me upon arriving in Prince George was this giant mortuary sign that said "Assman."  I had to jump out of the car and take that picture, even though it was raining heavily.  It rained most of the day that I was in Prince George, but I just got out an umbrella and walked around the town.  For a while, I walked along a trail next to the Fraser River.  My shoes were kind of holey and leakey, though, so my socks ended up sopping wet.

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