Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Dalton Highway north of Coldfoot, AK, 5/14/2014

For a while, the road north of Coldfoot seems to be significantly's a regular paved road, though narrow and mostly with no shoulders. But then it gets severely primal again.  It seemed strange to have a short stretch of perfectly manicured pavement in the middle of a muddy, dirty mess.

It doesn't get dark at all any more up here.  But there is a period for about an hour and a half in which there is this really eerie quasi-twilight as the sun moves barely out of sight.  I wouldn't even call it dusky; it's just a fleeting hint of darkness imposed on the light.  A little while before the summer solstice, even that bit of shady twilight will go away and the sun will be above the horizon all the time.

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