Friday, April 8, 2016

Arriving in Canberra

Today I took a bus from Sydney to Canberra. The scenery on the way was nice, varying between forests and dry hills.

When I arrived, I found that the hostel was about a kilometer away, so I decided to walk it in full gear, that is with my loaded backpack and incidentals. It was not a bad walk at all. The hostel is nice and the room I'm in is pretty empty and quiet so far.

I walked around looking for a grocery store and I found the Aldi, where I picked up some supplies. Then I returned to the hostel, where I took a hot tub and sauna. I might take it easy on the walking some until my feet stop throbbing. But tomorrow I'll undoubtedly check out the city more.

Canberra is cooler and drier than the places I have been so far. It really feels like fall here, whereas most of the places I've been (except for the Blue Mountains, which were REALLY cold) have felt more like summer. I hear that sunburns down here can be brutal because of the ozone hole. Shane the tour guide said his girlfriend fell asleep at the beach and had third-degree burns and had to get skin grafts.

So I'm just going to chill at the hostel tonight rather than get all jiggy. I'll let my feet test at least for the day. I only walked a little over 6 kms today, and that's good for now.

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