Monday, April 25, 2016

Why Don't the Dogs Bark and Other Things

I am really curious as to why none of the dogs I've seen in Beijing bark. I've only seen little bitty dogs, and they are usually really fluffy, or really hairy. The cats seem to be extra hairy too, with long, wild-looking fur.

Actually, I saw ONE dog bark. It was being walked on a leash, and a street sweeper came up behind the dog and really freaked the dog out, and it gave out a neurotic trauma bark. But that was the only one, all the other ones have been completely silent. You wouldn't see that in the US at all. Every dog barks, just about.

And I haven't found a single supermarket in Beijing yet. There are places that call themselves supermarkets, but they are sort of a cross between convenience stores and produce stands, usually packed into really small spaces in a hutong, or alley.  I did see a place that called itself a "hypermarket", but I didn't go in, and it didn't look like it had a very expansive amount of space.

The last couple days were pretty busy for me as far as sightseeing is concerned. I'm leaving China soon, so I guess I've wanted to see as much as I could. Yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day at the Forbidden City, which was called that because nobody was allowed in or out without the Emperor's permission for centuries. Nowadays, anyone who pays the entrance fee can get in.

Today I went to Beihai Park in the morning,  and the Summer Palace in the afternoon. Now I'm really tired, because I walked over 29 kilometers today, which is my record on this trip so far. So I may crash soon.

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