Saturday, April 16, 2016

Penguins At St. Kilda

Today I wandered around the Shrine of Remembrance, the Royal Botanic Gardens, upstream on the Yarra River, and the bohemian neighborhood of South Yarra. I did a lot of walking today, as usual.
But today's highlight was seeing the penguins on the St. Kilda pier. There were penguins all up and down the rocks on the pier. 

I thought I was going to miss it, because a comedy of errors happened before I got there. First, three scheduled trams in a row failed to show. I was getting nervous, especially since it was getting dark, and I thought the sun was not going to go down for a couple of hours. But it turned out that when I Googled "sunset in Melbourne", the search engine had given me the time of sunset in Melbourne, Florida!

So I thought the venture was doomed. But, luckily, a local on the tram (that I finally caught) told me the penguins stayed out long after sunset.

I got off the team and scurried down the long pier. All I had to do was find places where there were clusters of people, and there were penguins there.

After watching the penguins for a while, I walked back to the hostel, which was not far away. This is my last full day in Australia; I fly out tomorrow.

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