Monday, April 4, 2016

Wish I Was Staying Longer in Australia

Man, I sure wish I was staying longer in Australia.  There are so many really cool places to see here.  And there are so many ways to do it.

I talked to a guy from Canada a few days ago who was working as a waiter at high-end resorts in Australia.  He would work for six months, make a little over $30K, and then travel around for the other six months.

Today I went to a travel presentation the hostel put on, and people there were talking about packages where travel and work were bundled together for a long-term stay here.  Apparently that is quite common, and it is fairly easy to get a visa that will let you work for a while.

Another thing they talked about at the presentation were flexible travel packages.  You can buy a travel package that will let you amble your way in the direction you want to go at your leisure.  If you find a town you want to stay in for six months, fuck it, stay there.  You can just pick up where you left off at the next step in the package.

Minimum wage here is a little over $17 an hour, but a lot of jobs pay more.  I overheard a woman saying she had just gotten a job that paid about $23 an hour.

Also, at every hostel I have stayed at, there have been clean, well-running (or so the ads said) cars for sale for around $2000.  If I only had more time here...


  1. Whatcha got, like another 10 days there? I wonder what Walgreens pays in Australia.

  2. Dunno, but it has to be at least $17 an hour.

  3. Dunno, but it has to be at least $17 an hour.