Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tomorrow Will Be A Day of Misery

Tomorrow will be really gnarly. I will be checking out of the hostel at 10 am, but I  have to hang out until I leave Coffs Harbour very late at night; at nearly midnight. Then I will be taking an overnight "misery bus" for about nine hours overnight. Ugh. I've already scoped out the bus stop, and there are no lockers or anything; it's just a stop and not a terminal. Plus, I walked behind it, and there seems to be a homeless camp there.

I think I'll be able to leave my baggage at the hostel, and explore around some, but the last shuttle from the hostel to the bus stop is early in the afternoon. So I have the choice of either taking the early shuttle and waiting at the bus stop with all my baggage for nearly eight hours, or taking a cab. It'll probably be a cab.

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