Friday, April 1, 2016

Just Coffing

Today, I spent the day exploring Coffs Harbour. I walked a little over 18 km. For the last week, that's probably been about my average day of walking. I've been walking between 16 and 25 km a day.
I stayed my day just aimlessly taking off from the hostel, and found a nice hike and bike trail that had an offshoot boardwalk that went through a mangrove patch along the creek. Then I found the trail that went along the jetty, and led to Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve. I hiked the whole trail on the island, which had some spectacular views of the ocean and the surrounding mountains. I talked to some locals at the summit lookout for a while, and then meandered my way back to the hostel.
Then I had to make a minor sewing repair to my hip pack, and while I was doing that, I watched a surreal Australian sci-fi movie from 1966 that depicted an alien takeover of Earth in 2150.

Then I took a shower, and did some laundry in the sink, which is sitting out to dry now. So far, I haven't done any laundry in a washing machine; I've just washed my last clothes in the sink. I got some combination shampoo/conditioner/body wash at the store, and ice been using it both in the shower and on my laundry.

I went back out again, and this time I walked toward the city center. I poked around the center of town and the surrounding area, and then headed back to the hostel again. I've got one more day here in Coffs Harbour, so I'll probably do some more exploring tomorrow.

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