Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Manly Scenic Walkway and Wiseman's Ferry

Today I went to some farther-flung destinations around the Sydney area.  First, I took a ferry early in the morning to Manly, where I undertook the Manly Scenic Walk.  This is a 10 km walk along Sydney Harbour from Manly to The Spit.  It is a beautiful stretch, and fairly physically challenging, as during the walk there are multiple steep ascents and descents.

After that walk, I took a bus back into town and took a train out to meet my friend Shaun, who drove me out to Wiseman's Ferry, which is probably way off the beaten tourist path.


  1. I see you guys hung out ! right on! Hope it was fun cause it looks fantastic!

  2. Yeah, thanks for introducing us! It was good to hang out with Shaun and it turned out we knew a lot of people in common.