Thursday, May 1, 2014

My camping setup, 5/1/2014

This is my car camping setup.  The first picture shows my bed in the car from front to back.  The front passenger seat and back seat both fold flat, so there is plenty of room for me to stretch out. There is an inflatable pad covered with a wool blanket, then my sleeping bag (with a warmth insert if needed), and a thick comforter on top.  This setup has been just great down to 12 degrees F (that's the coldest I've experienced so far), and I suspect it would be OK to get even colder than that. My pillow is just the stuffsack that goes with the inflatable pad, packed with my winter clothing.

The next picture shows my bedding from back to front, with the hatchback open.  Note I keep my "luggage" on the left and my bedding on the right.  I keep my bed made up in there and just have to fold the front passenger seat down.

I made custom inserts for my side windows out of cardboard covered with black fabric.  I glued the fabric onto the cardboard with iron-on glue (available from most craft stores).  It's easy to make inserts for the windows that roll down, because then you can just trace the outline of the open window on the cardboard.  The windows that don't open are a little more difficult to make inserts for.  The inserts are useful both for insulation (helps keep warmth in on freezing days), and for privacy.  For the windshield, I just cover it with a regular reflective sun shade that you can get at an auto parts store, and for the back window, I have some sun shades with suction cups.

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